Claire Falabrino

Freelance Filmmaker – Lyon Area (France)
Shooting | Editing | Motion Design | Post-Production

What I like to do


I have my own video equipment to be able to respond to all requests and specific needs of each of my clients, from a simple interview to shooting a more ambitious project.


I’m above all a video editor so I attach a lot of importance to the storytelling of my projects. Narrative reflection upstream of the project is essential to produce a powerful video.

[Motion Design]

I like to add graphic animations in video that serve the purpose. Effects for effects doesn’t interest me, so each element added is carefully thought out and adds to the final rendering of the video.


I use aerial images to provoke emotion, to give another perspective, or to add a majestic dimension to my videos.

Personnal Project

For several years I have been making short travel videos with my boyfriend under the name “The French Eye“.
The goal ? Make people want to travel and discover the world in a different way. Whether large megalopolis or peaceful little villages, we tell our stories in our own way.